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7 Signs You’re Living a Boring Life

Did you know I was an only child? I sometimes wish I was spoiled, but I wasn’t. My mom was on a mission to ensure I never was – and

12 Essential Questions

A lot of people ask me what I do for the New Year since resolutions seem to resonate less and less with how people wanted to enter into this important

The Truth About Freedom – 3 Common Mistakes People Make

When I started my business and chose “Freedom Junkie” and “Freedom Sessions” as a part of my brand, I have to admit that I was feeling pretty original. Most coaches

This Truth Changes Everything About Fear and Anxiety

I wanted to fill you in on something about fear: Most day-to-day fear is not useful. It only pretends to be useful. Most often, the fear we feel is not

You Don’t Deserve Comfort. You Deserve Better.

When I was a professional climbing guide, those were some of the most rewarding years of my life. Being in the mountains taught me a lot of things. How to

The Quickest Way to End Your Suffering

I’ve heard this teaching so many times, and it wasn’t until years later – after many repeats by teachers I respected and a few hard times that left me spiraling

Why Should We Give a F*ck About Confidence?

Here’s a little tip on confidence: Many people think they’re confident because of their accomplishments. They think it’s because of the job they got, the peak they climbed, the presentation

this is what causes suffering

Whenever we feel we’re deep in suffering mode, it feels like something is happening TO us. The traffic. The breakup. The job we didn’t get. The fight we just had

Do You Wish Life Was Sometimes Easier? Here’s What You Can Do

I love this quote by Joan Rivers. I have to say I don’t think of Joan often when looking for inspirational quotes ?, but this one came through my feed