Ep. 30: How You See Yourself

Self-image, at its core, is the way you see yourself. By “see” I mean how you interpret and think about yourself – not just the factual way you see yourself but also the opinion that you have of yourself.

An important concept to understand is that self-image is totally subjective. It is totally up to YOU. Your opinion about yourself. It isn’t factual.

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Ep. 29: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This episode is all about the most common ways I see people misuse thought work and mindfulness.

When I coach people on how to self-coach, I get so many clients who are confused about the difference between a) changing your life, b) changing your feelings about your life, c) truly processing your emotions from those original circumstances, even if you’ve already changed them.

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Ep. 28: Practical Emptiness

Circumstances are neutral.

Another way of saying this? Things are empty of inherent qualities.

Today, we’re digging into what a practical application of emptiness looks like in our everyday lives.

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Ep. 27: The Power to Choose Your Feelings

I’m going to let you in on a golden nugget of truth that maybe you’ve never heard before: feelings are optional.

Yup, you read that right.

The ability to feel a full spectrum of contrasted, complex emotions are an inherent and integral part of the human experience – it’s what makes our species who (and what) we are.

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Ep. 26: Welcome to Being Human

Humans go through life thinking that feelings happen TO us. We think, “Ugh I am so stressed out, I wish it would stop!” Oftentimes, we act so confused about where it is coming from.

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Ep. 24: How to Be With Any Emotion

The Buddha taught that, to be free, we need to investigate every part of our human experience with an intimate and mindful attention. This includes emotions.

Emotions aren’t “bad” in and of themselves.

It’s what we do when we feel them – the thoughts that ensue, the actions we take as a result – not the emotion itself, that often causes our suffering.

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Ep. 23: Mindful Communication

Humans have a great capacity for communication.

Yes, animals can communicate in other ways with unique sounds (probably telepathic ways we aren’t able to tune into…), but because of our cerebral cortex, we are capable of communicating complex plans about the future, stories about the past, and lots of amazing, abstract ideas.

It’s a real evolutionary gift.

But this level of communication can also get us into a lot of trouble. We can really hurt people, or act in ways that aren’t in alignment with how we want to show up in the world – especially when we’re not being mindful.

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Ep. 21: Define Your Freedom

What is true success? What is a truly “rich life”? What is a life of true FREEDOM?

We all may have our own preconceived notions of what the answers to these questions look like – notions that are subliminally based on societal norms, familial or cultural expectations and the systems of power that order our world.

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