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I’m Ana Verzone, Master Life Coach, Altered States Guide, and host of the Rebel Buddhist podcast. I help yogis and wanna-be Buddhas make the most of this one, precious life by applying altered states experiences and radical mindfulness to the real, messy world.

This means I don’t pretend we’re all perfect. It means I know you can be spiritual AND have a rebellious naughty streak at the same time – and that it’s no reason for shame or judgment.

It means I know you’re not broken. You’re human. And I spend time helping you to train your brain to work FOR you instead of against you, because that’s what us humans need to do to evolve. ALL of us.

I give you tools (that actually work) to help you stop:

This life is a gift

I help you make the most of it


You’ll learn to design + live a life of true freedom, inside and out. My motto is “free your mind, free your life.” After all my years of coaching, I’ve learned that’s exactly the order all the good stuff happens in: First your mind, then your life.

You get to this place of authentic freedom by developing three powerful skills: MINDFULNESS (the foundation), CLARITY + COURAGE

But I have lots of other Jedi mind tricks up my sleeve that I add to the mix;)

Sometimes the work can seem scary. After all, it means finally doing things differently, and I’m not gonna lie: that will be uncomfortable. But isn’t every awesome thing? Like climbing a mountain, learning to do a headstand, risking falling in love, taking our first international adventure alone…YES. Every deeply awesome thing is uncomfortable to get to. Don’t let someone tell you otherwise (it would be bullshit).

Remember: you’ll have me by your side every step of the way.

Ready to dive in deep? I thought so;)

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Tired of hearing people tell you to meditate longer or do more yoga? Yeah, me too. Those things helped me, for sure. In fact, at some points in my life they were life-saving. But on the day to day, I was still having blowups with my partner, acting impatient with my kiddo, and feeling a deep sense of restlessness that I wasn’t making the most of this life and that it was somebody else’s fault.

I walk you through my proven system so you get crystal clear about the life you want to create and how you want to show up in the world. Confusion and “I don’t know” are wastes of your mental energy. You can’t create it if you can’t imagine it, so we dig deep and find out what you want. Sound fun? It is! The other part of clarity is deeply understanding your own mind – how you think, your limiting beliefs, how you get in your own way, and how you can turn things around so your brain works for you and not against you.

Then we work together to cultivate the courage you need to do what it takes to make it all happen. You see – things don’t happen just from wanting them really, really badly. They happen from taking action. At first, this feels scary – which is why it takes courage, not confidence.

After you’ve taken action enough times and shown up for yourself, you start to cultivate deep, unshakeable confidence and resilience. I like to call this Ziji – a Tibetan word for radiant, inner confidence. After you Ziji Up, you look out to the world and say, “Bring it on!” You’re ready for it all. Does this sound a little scary…but tempting? All good things do;) And I’m with you the whole way.

In my programs, you’ll not only learn about creative career + lifestyle design, but also practical tools that apply mindfulness and other brain + body science to real life, when you’re off the meditation cushion (if you ever got on it in the first place). Like when you’re stuck in stress, anxiety and overwhelm, arguing with your partner, yelling at your kids, over-drinking after work, gaining weight, vegging out on Netflix, and eating like crap…all the juicy stuff! You know – those times that you don’t get to hit the pause button and meditate;)

When you learn these tools, you get to start to create true, lasting freedom – before you’re enlightened.

I know I’ve been mentioning meditation and mindfulness and enlightenment…Does this mean you have to be Buddhist or a hard-core meditator to work with me? Hell no, sister! While I’ve been a long-time student of Buddhism and use a lot of the core teachings in what I do, principles like mindfulness and meditation and management of our thoughts and emotions are applicable to everyone – no matter your spiritual orientation. As the Dalai Lama says, “Do not try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are.” 

Why Should You Work With Me?

For most of my clients, Freedom is their #1 priority. This isn’t just about their passports, mountain adventures, or road trips. They also want freedom from the suffering that’s going on in their heads. The anxiety, stress, overwhelm, low self-confidence and general funk. And they know deep down that they can have freedom from this too.

They also want to create an unconventional life that they can be proud of. This means they value authenticity and yearn to know and be their true selves – without giving a sh*t about what others think (in a good way).

I should mention most of my clients also have a naughty and adventurous streak (defined on their own terms, of course;). This means this is a judgment-free zone. I’ve heard {almost} everything. We do #epichshit. And my clients don’t care that I swear. A lot. Especially when I’m tired.

If you’re like, “Oh hellz yes, that’s me,”  then just sign up already!  

Because sister, you just realized you’re a Freedom Junkie – just like me and the other peeps in my tribe.

After working with me, you’ll know you’re living life to its fullest with integrity and compassion. You won’t be wondering if you’re wasting your time on this epic planet. Or if you’ll have major regrets. Learning to live full-on is the most courageous thing you can do. And trust me: it is absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt worth it!

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach that has over 23 years of experience guiding people on personal growth journeys in the wilderness and in the comfort of their own homes. So you can say I’ve got some street cred. I’ve been a dedicated – and imperfect – mindfulness meditation and Buddhist practitioner since 1991 and have studied under amazing teachers from various lineages. I attended my first month-long retreat in 1995, and was introduced to Insight Meditation and Vipassana teachings in 2004. I’ve made soooo many mistakes on my spiritual journey, and learned a bunch of tools on the way that I want to share with you. They work!

I don’t pretend to be a guru. I’m walking this path with you – and I happen know some shortcuts that’ll help keep you from making the same mistakes.

Some signs I’m also a multi-passionate (if you haven’t figured that out already): I also used to be a professional international climbing guide for 10 years. No shit! I’ve guided people through their fears in very real and dangerous moments on intense expeditions. Some of my clients call me a Soul Midwife, because as a nurse-midwife, I’ve literally delivered over a thousand babies all over the world, ushering their souls into this life – and as a death doula I have been with people on their deathbed, learning intimately what they have found is most important in life. I have an intimate understanding of these sacred transitions, and use what I’ve learned to help you live your best life. Read more about me here.

After all that, you can see why clarity + ziji that Tibetan word for true, radiant, inner confidence – are my jam. I’ve seen how confusion and low self-confidence cause so much suffering in people’s lives: anxiety, not being themselves, people-pleasing and not feeling like their life on the outside is in alignment with who they are on the inside.

I know how to help you dig deep and find the courage to show up authentically, with integrity, and do what it takes from a source that is deep within you. I teach my clients how to do some serious mindset shifts so they can cultivate the clarity + courage to create the life of their dreams – one that’s lived without regrets.

Wanna dive in? I thought so!