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The Rebel Buddhist Podcast

Welcome to the Rebel Buddhist™ Podcast, where I help you free your mind so you can free your life. This podcast is for the rebellious ones. The wild people. I share my stories and what I’ve learned about being a rebel soul who wants to tame her mind…but not her life. It’s led to plenty of adventures and misadventures. I’ve learned tons of tools that combine Buddhist psychology, real-world mindfulness, cognitive coaching, and modern brain science – sort of like if Buddhism and science had a love child. I want to share them with you as we walk this path together. I’m not sharing this as a dharma teacher, but as a fellow practitioner with some street cred. Welcome to my world.

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Ep. 57: Upper Limit Problems

Each of us has an internal barometer for how much love, happiness, abundance, success, and wealth we’ll allow ourselves to experience. That’s our upper limit setting. Kind of like the happiness “set point” you may have heard about, or another way to look at it is our success comfort zone. When we exceed that upper limit because life is going so well, we unconsciously do things to sabotage ourselves so we can drop back into the place we feel in control.
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Ep. 56: Spiritual Bypassing

In college I had a friend who, whenever I was relaying something challenging in my life, she would say, “Don’t worry. It’s all good!” And then she’d glide away on her rollerblades with a big smile on her face. I loved that damned girl, and I know she had good intentions, but when she said that it would totally piss me off and I’d want to shake her and be like, “It is NOT ALL GOOD!” Spiritual bypassing is a tendency to use spiritual ideas, explanations, and practices to sidestep or avoid complex psychological experiences.
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Ep. 55: Letting Go to Grow

So many of us - myself included - have had the wrong idea of what will truly set us free. On some level we know it’s not things like paying off the debt, finding your soul mate, being location independent, losing the weight, finding the perfect job...(ask me how I know). But we forget this and we think, well sh*t, maybe it IS all that stuff. Or maybe it IS about that once you have kids. Or get older.
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Ep. 54: How to Make a Scene Like a Buddha

One time, years ago at a super fancy dinner, I made an entire room of rich people UNBELIEVABLY uncomfortable. The beginning of the dinner was great. Until…
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Ep. 53: How to Forgive Yourself

For so many people that I've worked with, at the root of whatever is going on in terms of suffering, there is also this sense of not being forgivable or unlovable. That something is just intrinsically not OK with them. Yet the ability to forgive - others and ourselves - that’s where the freedom to really begin to love and live fully begins.
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Ep. 52: Gossip and Mindful Speech

Today we’re talking about gossip and mindful speech. Gossip may at first seem to be something others do - but not “us.” However, it’s more prevalent than you might think. Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Pabongka Rinpoche, says, “Idle gossip is the best way to waste our human lives.” Kind of a serious stateent, right? So I thought it might be worth spending some time on.
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Ep. 51: Self-Compassion

As a first-generation Filipinx-American, I was raised to believe that when things get hard, you push through, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, get tough and work harder. So when I first heard of self-compassion, I thought it was just for people that didn't know what “real” suffering was like.
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Special Replay – Define Your Freedom

This week’s podcast is a SPECIAL REPLAY of Episode 21: Define Your Freedom. Why? Because these days, not only does this topic seem to pop up more than before, but it’s also more important than ever for us all to get clear on what that is!
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Ep. 50: When Someone You Love Has A Mental Illness

This week is about cultivating practices that help us come to these challenges with more love, compassion + wisdom. Because everyone deserves that. And I believe we all want to show up for the people we love from a place of integrity.
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