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Welcome to the Rebel Buddhist™ Podcast, where I help you free your mind so you can free your life. This podcast is for the rebellious ones. The wild people. I share my stories and what I’ve learned about being a rebel soul who wants to tame her mind…but not her life. It’s led to plenty of adventures and misadventures. I’ve learned tons of tools that combine Buddhist psychology, real-world mindfulness, cognitive coaching, and modern brain science – sort of like if Buddhism and science had a love child. I want to share them with you as we walk this path together. I’m not sharing this as a dharma teacher, but as a fellow practitioner with some street cred. Welcome to my world.

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Ep. 115: Making Quality New Friends

If you’re like me, after you finished college, you found moments in your life when your friendships with others changed. Maybe you wanted to grow and evolve spiritually, and they did too. But you’ve also probably walked away from friendships that, for one reason or another, no longer served you.

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Ep. 114: Renunciation + The Joy of Simplicity

I’ve often thought about the concept of renunciation – and how I have a resistance to it. Don’t get me wrong. I lived out of my car for 7 years and I was a climbing guide who only made $14k a year for a looooong time, so I understand how living simply can be really fulfilling. That chapter of my life was one of the happiest.

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Ep. 113: The One Thing

The to-do list and project ideas are endless and it all seems really important. And the really annoying part is that when we look at the lists and get overwhelmed, we end up doing nothing instead. The secret is that it’s NOT all as important as it might seem.

So how do we narrow down that list and figure out what ACTUALLY needs to get done?

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