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Welcome to the Rebel Buddhist™ Podcast, where I help you free your mind so you can free your life. This podcast is for the rebellious ones. The wild people. I share my stories and what I’ve learned about being a rebel soul who wants to tame her mind…but not her life. It’s led to plenty of adventures and misadventures. I’ve learned tons of tools that combine Buddhist psychology, real-world mindfulness, cognitive coaching, and modern brain science – sort of like if Buddhism and science had a love child. I want to share them with you as we walk this path together. I’m not sharing this as a dharma teacher, but as a fellow practitioner with some street cred. Welcome to my world.

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Ep. 197: Core Wound vs Sacred Wound

This week we’re diving into when our Core Wound becomes our Sacred Wound and how our Sacred Wound allows us to live our soul purpose… but only when we stop trying to heal or “fix” it. Plus, I’ll talk about how we can begin to explore our Core Wound without retraumatizing ourselves all over again.

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Ep. 196: What it Means to be in Reciprocal Relationship

This week’s episode is all about our relationship with the more-than-human world, and the importance of not just taking from it, but also giving back. Today’s modern industrialized society encourages us to take and extract, but in doing so, we are left empty and disconnected, and the more-than-human world suffers as well. We can find a way to heal ourselves, and help restore balance, love, and respect to the world we all hold a unique and important place in. This plays out in our relationships with other people, too!

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Ep. 195: Going Beyond Our 5 Senses

In this Episode of the Rebel Buddhist Podcast, we’re diving into our 5 senses… and beyond. The way we connect with the more-than-human world can heal ourselves and the world around us, but using only our 5 senses just scratches the surface of ways we can begin to be more present to nature – and ourselves – on a daily basis. I talk about the more subtle and energetic ways of knowing that we can cultivate to develop an authentic relationship with the natural world, and even learn to communicate with more-than-human others. As usual, I’ll be giving you some great tips to help you get started!

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Ep. 194: Work – Survival Dance or Sacred Offering

This week’s episode is all about our work – and what to do when it’s more of a Survival Dance than a Sacred Offering. I’ll share my own journey as I stepped into my Soul Purpose of soul midwifery and how I chose to reframe my job to keep from resenting it. Plus I’ll talk about the first step we can all take to help us begin our sacred dance: cultivating ziji – our radiant inner confidence.

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Ep. 193: Lessons in Trust and Interdependence – Crossing the Street in Hanoi

This week I reflect on a recent visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, and how a simple experience of crossing the street turned into a very healing and eye-opening lesson in trust and interdependence. We’ll talk about how in the US, when it comes to navigating traffic and driving, we are taught to assume we are invisible. Drive defensively. Cross streets assuming no one sees you. In Hanoi, it was the opposite. If you wanted to do something as basic as cross the street, you have to assume you would be seen, and that people cared and would take care. I was able to literally walk into oncoming traffic amongst strangers – something we can’t do in many industrialized growth societies like the US. We explore the vulnerability and beauty of how humans can move through chaos together when we come from a place of interdependence and interbeing.

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Ep. 192: Letting Go of Your Former Identity – Dissolution

This week we’re continuing our conversation about soulcentric adulthood by diving into the topic of soul initiation. We’ll jam on what the heck that even means and why we must first undergo a transformation and death of our old self before we can discover and step into our Soul Purpose. And I’ll give you some insightful questions and practices to try out so you can create space for dissolution to occur in your own life… when the time is right.

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