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Congratulations! Let's Get Started on Day 1!

Wecome to Day 1!

Knowing what you want starts with knowing YOU. What’s important to you? What are your values? What do you believe in?

In my coaching practice, I’ve found that people believe their values are very clear to them. However, when it comes down to putting words to our values, a lot of people get stuck! Taking the time to get clear about what we believe in, what we prioritize, and what feeds our soul is invaluable. Decisions can become more clear when we pause to think how our actions – and their consequences – fit in with our values.

Where do you start?

I’ve found that one of the best ways to get clear about our values is to tap into when we have felt our “peak experiences,” those seemingly rare moments when the world seems perfect, we feel connected to our Higher Power and to the world around us, and there is a sense of complete harmony knowing that in that moment, our life is in complete alignment with who we are. When was that for you? What were you doing? What was it like outside? Who were you with? What did your body feel like?

Really visualize this and bring that feeling back as much as you can. Then, look at which of your values were being honored in that experience. When our values are being honored, that is often when our lives are most rich and fulfilling.

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