Days 25 and 26 – Family Time

The past two days have been Full-On Family. We are driving – in four days – a total of 24 hours (11 hours on our longest day) to be with those we love on opposite sides of a different state. You see, a close family member got sick, and another got better, and it was just time to hit the road and give gratitude that we are all still together, albeit miles apart.

Like I said on Day 1 – living full-on isn’t just about being in the mountains, traveling to exotic places, or doing extreme things. It is more often than not about showing up in this world with integrity and love, even when it isn’t “convenient.”

We made the most of all the hours of driving too. My partner had the brilliant idea of skiing for 1/2 days on longer stretches to break it up. Sahweet!