The Power of Choice

“The Power of Choice”

(and the freedom of owning your sh#t!)


A FREE and FUN Jedi Juice™ Training Call

Thursday, May 17th

Time: 5pm PST, 6pm MDT, 7pm CDT, 8pm EDT


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You don’t have to be a Global Leader or a Hollywood celebrity for your choices to have a huge impact. No matter who you are, you are constantly shaping the world around you with your choices. Just like a kaleidoscope, every twist and turn you choose colors your life in a new way.

From where you choose to live, to the people you choose to spend time with, to what time you decide to get out of bed…your choices are shaping your life, and the ENTIRE world around you…ALL THE TIME.

So in order for you to have a different and epic life – a life you consider FULL-On – you must push through your resistance, challenge your current patterns and learn to make NEW choices to open exciting new doors of possibility.

In an information-packed training call, you’ll discover…
• How your LIMITING BELIEFS may be screwing up your health, finances, relationships and overall happiness without you even realizing it, and a quick and easy Jedi shift to DRAMATICALLY turn things around
• How you TRAIN PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU – and stop tolerating
• Secrets to creating NEW POSSIBILTIES for yourself in a way that feels empowering
• The keys to gaining greater clarity so you can make CLEAR CHOICES
• How to ERADICATE the harmful, crippling effects of DOUBT and step into a state of possibility
• How to QUICKLY visualize the right choice at the right time…
• And so much more…

You see, it’s really not that hard.

Once you identify the thoughts and beliefs that shape your actions and outcomes, you can consciously shift those beliefs and behaviors to maximize your potential and start getting the kinds of results you desire.

Because honestly, if your life doesn’t look the way you feel it should, then it’s up to YOU to make a change for the better. It’s as simple as making a new choice…

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. During The Power of Choice, you’ll pinpoint the thoughts that drive your actions, and learn how to choose NEW thoughts to create – literally – the life of your dreams.

During this uber juicy Jedi training, you’ll also…

Learn how to RISE ABOVE your circumstances and see the possibilities…
• Throw off self-imposed limitations & give yourself permission to CHOOSE…and start being treated the way you want to be treated.
Actively RE-PROGRAM the wiring of your mind to achieve your dreams…
Learn about writing your own BADASS MANIFESTO and start being treated the way you want (and deserve) to be

The Jedi Juice calls are also packed with interactive activities. You don’t just sit around and listen to me talk on these trainings. That is so not yoda-like 😉. You will actually participate and learn! So reserve now. As I said, this is a supah-packed, content-rich training call, and it’s full of insights, Jedi mind tools, and inspirations that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

OH, and one more thing in case you didn’t notice…IT’S FREE.

That’s right – this entire training call is yours to attend, absolutely FREE, as my gift to you for being inspired to live Full On.

Don’t waste another second unconsciously throwing roadblocks onto your own path and getting in your own way. You are a powerful badass beyond measure, and it’s time to harness that power and use it for GOOD. Open the doors to your own potential, so you can help inspire others to do the same.

Register NOW, before you miss out on CREATING YOUR FULL-ON LIFE.

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Space on this call is limited because we actually talk and interact and learn, so reserve your spot early! Register now before someone else grabs your spot…

To Living Full On,

PS. If there’s someone in your life who could benefit from making better choices, by all means, PLEASE SEND THEM THIS LINK;)

I promise you…they’ll thank you for it;)