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Confidence isn’t just about “believing in yourself.” It’s about owning your truth from the inside out, knowing you can handle anything life throws your way, and claiming the happiness and success that is your birthright.

Do you have a hard time taking action because you’re afraid of failing?

Does it drive you nuts how much you obsess about what others think of you?

Have you noticed you are constantly trying to please the people around you (often at the expense of your own happiness)?

Maybe you always hit a wall right before you’re about to have a breakthrough…

Maybe you find yourself not being who you genuinely want to be in the world and tolerating way more than you want to…

Perhaps you sabotage yourself in intimate relationships, friendships, and career…

If you can relate to any of these things, “Hallelujah, sister!” you’re in the right place!

Most people feel like you do right now.

It’s a product of our – ahem – challenging society. A society that tells you you aren’t enough just by being you. A society that tells you all over the place – in radio, TV, online, in print, and in the professional and personal relationships we have that perpetuate this belief – that you need to be more than who you already are. It creates confusion – or more like freaking turmoil – in our inner lives, and we lose sight of who we really are and what we want in life.

We feel a nagging sensation that something is wrong – we feel out of alignment. We know the way we are living in our outer world does not line up with our inner world. And it sucks.

That, my friend, has got to change.

And you know what happens when it does change? You create more of what you want and evolve into the person you want to be – not basing it on other people’s opinions.

Whether you’re aching to launch your dream career (and leave the one you feel stuck in), gathering the courage to actually be you and wear whatever the f*ck you want and say whatever the hell you feel like saying, or starting to wondering why you are tolerating the things you are in life, one thing’s for sure:

You want to feel aligned – that your life on the outside matches who you are on the inside. You want to  feel proud and confident – no regrets, no matter what.

The secret?

Not staring into the mirror saying, “I’m OK.” Not a cheerleading friend (but you can still give her a hug for the sisterhood!). Not writing affirmations on post-its.

It’s Unshakeable Inner Confidence.

Ziji (pronounced zee-jee).

Ziji isn’t just fun to say – it means radiant inner confidence. Check out the short video below to learn a bit more about it;)

Ziji doesn’t depend on what others think. It’s the kind of confidence that doesn’t give a shit about how you measure up to someone else, because you feel So. Damn. Good. in your own skin.

Sure, you know {deep down} you are smart, sexy, and funny.

You’ve managed to start dreaming of more fulfilling careers.

And maybe you’ve even quit your job.

You’ve decided that maybe – just maybe – the soulmate thing isn’t bullshit after all, and you don’t want to settle. Ever.

Perhaps your life is even coveted by those around you.

But there’s just one little problem:

Your life – and how you live it – isn’t reflective of who you really are.

And you know it.

Having radiant inner confidence doesn’t just influence how successful you are. It has an effect on:

How in-love-with-life you are.

How proud you are of the person you’ve become.

How many risks you’re willing to take to create the life you want.

And while keeping your shit together or “just” doing better than everyone else isn’t a sin

It only represents you on a scale of 1-10, compared to others.

Not the you who is way beyond numbers.

Introducing, the Ziji Up! Mastery Program (aka ZUMP): A proven, field-tested system that has literally changed the lives of so many people like you.

People who know they are amazing, but aren’t living like it.

People who remember how totally ALIVE they felt “back in the day” and yearn to have that again (you know it’s in there somewhere!).

People with genuine talent, beauty, and creativity that don’t quite know how to OWN IT! (yet)

While you’ve “gotten by” all these years, surviving embarrassing moments, being uncomfortable center-stage, managing awkward dates, putting up with so-so relationships, and tolerating all the bullshit you tolerate, a Freedom Junkie’s life isn’t about tolerating.

It is about creating an epic life on your own terms.

It’s about being authentically you.

It’s about showing up in the world and living your life in a way that you’re proud of.

In a Freedom Junkie’s life, you’re creating a life where you are happy to say, “No, thanks” because you know something better is coming. Creating a life where you are comfortable being picky. Creating a future where you actually savor the life that you have busted your ass to create – and truly deserve. Creating an authentic YOU that knows they deserves to be prioritized and cared for. Creating every precious day as you wake up unafraid of what might happen, because you know you can handle whatever life may bring.

How to get there?

Your ziji. Your Unshakeable, Radiant Inner Confidence.

Except that confidence of yours might not feel so radiant – or unshakeable.

And that’s where I come in.

Here at Freedom Junkie, I created my signature course – the Ziji Up! Mastery Program – because I know that Confidence isn’t built up overnight.

When you were a kid, you had so much confidence that’s your parents had to reign you in. Somewhere that got lost. Sometime it was through one sentinel event, more often it happened over hundreds of small jabs over many years.

We can’t expect it to come back in a 2 hour webinar. It will take time – and that’s why this course is as long as it is. I know what it takes to really learn ziji.

Unshakeable confidence is also not created through one win, one awesome date, or one kickass job interview.

First, those are all external things. Secondly, we need repeated experiences of being able to handle hard things – not just making good things happen. When the positive things are there, superficial confidence is there.

When they’re not there – when you get some negative feedback, or the person you were waaaaay into doesn’t call you, or you didn’t land the job – that shaky confidence fades. Ouch.

Enter: anxiety.

I know that true unshakeable confidence comes from an inner, radiant, powerful source that also manifests as outward successes.

That’s why I made this for you.

I know not everyone likes to geek out and learn the scientifically-proven methods for increasing confidence – but I do, and I love sharing;) Plus, I make it fun for you so that you don’t have to re-read all the scientific stuff I’ve poured over during my 25+ years of geeking out on this stuff – in academic centers and in the real world.

I know not everyone knows the formulas for increasing happiness in their lives – but I do, and I’ve packaged it up in a sweet little program – just for you!

Radiant inner confidence also doesn’t happen alone on an island – it requires a tribe of amazing people to help you be brave, and take risks, and go beyond your comfort zone so that you emerge a more authentic and bigger version of you. So I created that tribe.

In sum, I help people have unshakeable inner confidence that lasts. I teach people how to (as we say in our tribe), “Ziji Up!”

I help people like you:

  • Know how to show up for YOURSELF consistently, and be able to cultivate the self-respect that comes from knowing you can trust yourself. No more flaking on your promises you’ve made. More, “I’ve got this!”
  • Seize OPPORTUNITIES that show up, so you don’t wonder “What if I had…”
  • Get clear about exactly what you want in life – your deepest desires finally outed. Savor the success that flows to you when you allow your badass to show up in the world and in what you create
  • Be proud of the person you’ve become. You’re so much more than that list of dreams written in your journal – you are those dreams MANIFESTED – and you need to get out there and live them!
  • Be an inspiration to your family and friends as they watch you create the life of your dreams
  • Have moments of pure relaxation, because that’s how it feels when your outer life is in alignment with your inner one. You are in the body of a person you respect – you.
  • Get unstuck and let go of the things that drain you, overwhelm you, and suck the life out of you.
  • Build a sense of control so you step out of being a martyr or victim, and start coming from a place of power.
  • Build resilience. Be able to handle the emotions that come up during hard times, knowing that even when life isn’t going your way, you’ve got what it takes to handle it. Life stoped being about avoiding and more about, “Bring it on!”
  • And most importantly, at the end of the day, to look at your life and genuinely feel a sense of pride at how you showed up in the world – for yourself, and for others. You’ll feel that sense of well-being that come from knowing that no matter how the day goes, you know deep down you’ve done your best.

The live version of this course sold for over $600.

Receive the self-guided version for only $197

Bottom line: This course will open up a whole new way of being in your life – one where you boldly step into the future and actively create your dreams, living with no excuses – and no regrets, one where you see what you want, and go for it. And get it. One where you say, “Bring it on. I can take it. Watch me.” Bonus: You’ll inspire others to make the most out of this precious thing called life.

Interested? Thought so;)

One of the {admittedly} awesome things about this program is you get a bonafide PROCESS – a step-by-step guide that starts you on your way and builds momentum – making you virtually unstoppable. This program represents 20+ years worth of life-transforming experience meticulously formed into an easy-to-follow, high-content, high-power, step-by-step system.

You’ll get absolutely CLEAR as you apply everything you learn to your own life with the Ziji Up! Mastery Program.

The Ziji Up! Mastery Program is a hands-on experience. It’s not for people who want to sit back and hope for change in their lives while watching others do the work. I want you to feel the excitement as you watch your own power and energy rise to higher and higher levels.

So, as you and I move through the Ziji Up! steps together, you’ll gain clarity and get total velocity using the tools I give you, like Values Clarification, Toleration Elimination, Creating Your Perfect Day, and many many more!

In a do-able, step-by-step, easy-to-follow process, you’ll be able to take these tools and gain confidence, awareness, clarity, and action-steps for how to Ziji Up! ALL areas of your life.

 The Juice: The Ziji Up Mastery Program Includes:

  • DAILY emails delivered to your inbox to help finally get rid of your Inner Mean Girl – think Jedi Mind Tricks along with your morning beverage;)
  • Weekly training videos/audios on each step of my proprietary ZUMP system
  • Weekly activity sheets to help you integrate what you learn in the videos/audios
  • Recordings of ALL the past LIVE calls with me – learn from the laser coaching past participants like you received throughout the course over the years.
  • An ongoing private forum where you can ask questions, receive support, and celebrate successes! I still pop in there even though the course isn’t live right now.
  • A tribe of amazing women – some of whom have been implementing ZUMP for years and can help mentor as well. It is an uh-mazing group of women!!!!
  • Lifetime access to the materials so you can through the course again on your own – anytime!
  • Weekly Do-Able Body Challenges so that you address yourself as a whole being – and not just get lost in our heads and hearts. It’s all connected – and I’ve found the body challenges help you move forwarrd even faster!
I didn’t feel like I was living up to my potential. I needed a boost and ongoing encouragement to make positive changes in my life. Ana has accomplished so many things in her life, she is so pragmatic, logical, AND likes to have fun. I hadn’t considered any life coaching before this. The most powerful lesson that I received from the program were learning about my negative self talk, and how to manage it, as well as how my fear of success was holding me back. I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I know that this is my new baseline. You got me back on track Ana! You are really good at what you do. THANK YOU!
~ Kara Farmer, Idaho
Before I worked with Ana I was feeling frustrated as to why I was not meeting some of my goals and really wondering why I felt like so much was out of my reach. I realized through the workshop that the reason I had so much doubt was because I had not gotten laser clear about what I wanted. Sounds easy, it is and it isn’t. Also I was not honoring my values. Probably because I had not taken the time to figure out what they were! Again, sounds easy right? Well let me tell you – if it was, then I would have done it already! The recipe for turning this around was provided to me and the result was pretty much an instant turnaround. The tools that you acquire by going through this process will be with you always and more than likely change the way you look at things forever. Ana is an amazing coach and I feel so fortunate to get to work with her. Thanks, Ana, for helping me realize that I already am the badass I want to be. 🙂 See y’all at the top!
~ Jen Field, Oregon
Before I did Ana’s program I was in a funk, not that life was bad, I just felt personally stuck and needed some more skills, specifically her “Jedi Mind” skills. Not only did I get out of my funk, I lost weight, improved my co- parenting relationship and my business income increased (no joke abundance affirmation works!) all within 6 weeks…coincidence? Not really, just a great coach and program that helped create momentum for change and a willingness to take on living my BEST LIFE, out of the box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
~ Love, Melissa Cooley Visionary artist, Yogini, mother of twins, business owner!
This program is awesome!!! Ana is so clear, fun and insightful. Her personality rocks, and the Ziji Up! Mastery Program is really well organized, accessible and put together – not to mention inspiring! I loved the tribe of women I did it with, and have found new ways to incorporate the things I learned into my life, long after the course.
~ Kelly T., California Artist
Since beginning Ana’s program, I have left an unhealthy relationship, found a beautiful home to live in, found a new job, gotten very clear about my work, become more confident and positive, and have met so many amazing new people, just because I feel so much better about myself and my life! I have been approached by schools and publishers, and I did not do any “pushing,” networking, or uncomfortable (for me) “saleswoman-y” type selling of myself. These new opportunities just came to me. It’s amazing what opens up when you have the guidance of a wise, truly gifted mentor like Ana. I highly recommend Ana’s work … invest in yourself & learn that you are worth it! Ana is a coach who can definitely help you become clear, and help you step up into living fully, living the life you have dreamed of.
~ Rivkah Wood, CA
Working with Ana through my challenges taught me what I desperately NEEDED to learn, rather than what I THOUGHT I would like to learn. What continues to serve me is a new awareness where I can identify places of resistance as places that need my attention. I have become braver and quicker to act on opportunities and challenges that I might have put off or dismissed all together in the past. I’ve replaced negative, limiting beliefs with positive, expansive ones; tapped into my intuition, and created a stronger trust in myself. I can choose a course of action and know that whatever the outcome, I will be wiser and more resilient. I celebrate my accomplishments daily and don’t dwell on setbacks. When I do get off track, I notice it more quickly, recommit and do what it takes to get my vibration juiced up again. Ana is a wealth of compassion, wisdom, positivity – an intuitive bad ass with the tools and experience to guide you through your unique journey in identifying and obtaining your goals.
~ Kiova Staley, OR

(to read more of these, click here)

You can do this. I know that. The question is . . . do YOU?

Do you believe that you CAN live with purpose and Ziji Up your Life? Then seize this opportunity NOW! Once we close the doors, that’s it, sistah.

Grab Your Spot Now, and never wonder “What if?” in a life full of opportunities again.

While ZUMP is totally worth way more than the full price anyway, practice some self-confidence right now and take action on something you KNOW will make your life exponentially better – at an epic deal.

In case you haven’t figure it out yet – you are totally worth it;)

Get Started Today – take advantage of this special pricing and the course is YOURS!

The live Ziji Up! program sold for over $600.

Now you can have it for only $197

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Isn’t being confident cocky and self-centered? It doesn’t feel very spiritual.

This is probably the most common question that never gets asked. People talk about it later in the program – they admit they felt this way when they started. But let me tell you – YOU stepping into your power and giving to the world the gifts that only YOU have makes the world a better place, for everyone. That’s one of the most spiritual things I can think of. When you step into your confidence authentically, with integrity and an empowered sense of humbleness, you inspire others to do the same.

Without confidence, your gifts, your beauty, your intelligence, your amazing superpowers get hidden, and to be honest, I think that makes the Universe cry a little.

Once people drop into the Ziji Up program, they start to realize that by putting their desires and themselves first in a compassionate and loving way (which is how we roll at Freedom Junkie), they have MORE to give to others. They have more energy, more patience, more forgiveness, more love. More of the GOOD stuff, and they can show up for their partners, their children, their friends and colleagues more fully.

So the short the answer to the question is, “No.”

2. Will this course solve all my problems? How is it different from all the others?

The short answer – this depends on you. Kind of like life.

The Ziji Up! Mastery Program is not a magic pill. There is no such thing. (Have you noticed?) So, I’m not about to promise you a million bucks in 6 weeks or less. And I’m not going to tell you that you’ll find your soul mate in 30 days. Why?

Because all of that stuff – including any so-called magic pill – comes from outside of you. It makes you believe that you can’t create all the yumminess from inside of you. The entire idea of programs, diets, or self-improvement gurus that are magic pills takes the power away from you. I want you to deeply understand what your life will be like when you tap into the power you have within you.

A lot of programs out there seem to promise you results and all you have to do is sit back and wait, right?

Not so much here. This is not about a “quick fix” but rather a deep and lasting fix. Even when you create something like effortlessness in your life, you still take an active role in it. Simply hoping for the best doesn’t cut it.

When you finally realize how you’ve been getting in your own way, and as you realize all the obstacles that have been blocking you, you will want to engage more deeply in your life. You’ll be psyched to do this because you’ll learn HOW to release those blocks.

You have to show up and do the work. And if you do, you will see changes! How far you take it is up to you.

3. Since this is a self-study program, how do I get a lot out of it even if I cannot access live calls with you?

Excellent question;)

The first two live versions of the course had all calls recorded, so you will receive those and can listen to them at your leisure. You will find you resonate with many questions people have asked – and the responses they receive as well.

If you have a question, you can also post it in the discussion area of the course and I will do my darnedest to help you out there.

For even more individualized support, you can book a laser coaching session with me at a discounted rate while enrolled in the course. You can receive this special rate for up to 3 sessions.

Then, you and I can coach together on your iPhone or Skype or something while you watch a sunset.

4. I am suffering from major depression and healing some deep wounds. Will this program help me?

Short answer: I am not a therapist.

I have had people suffering from depression and anxiety take my programs or work with me 1:1 while they are concurrently working with a therapist, and it is a wonderful way to get the best of both the therapy world and the coaching world.

But I’ll be really clear here: the forums and Q&A are not to process deep wounds or ruminate about the past. There simply isn’t a way to effectively support those kinds of processes online or in one question on a call. Especially without taking time away from the rest of the people in the group.

While you will learn more empowered ways to deal with those generally unhelpful patterns of living in the past, if you are dealing with diagnosed depression or major anxiety disorder, you may need to go to those places to heal before you can move forward. The proper place to do that is with your therapist.

I recommend you show this page to your therapist and see if they think it would be a great compliment to the work you are already doing!

5. All this talk about Ziji, inner radiant confidence, and clarity sounds fine and dandy, Ana, but they don’t pay the bills. So why should I invest in this?

Short answer: You are investing in yourself – and that’s the best investment to make.

I hear you. But think about this:

Confidence DOES lead you to make better choices so you stop wasting energy and money on all the energy vampire things you keep settling for in your life.

Confidence DOES help you stop patterns of self-sabotage, and instead recognize – and act – when the perfect opportunities show up

Confidence DOES help you strategize the most effective steps for turning an idea into an income-generating project.

Confidence DOES help you focus so that you aren’t distracted by so many “bright shiny objects” and instead, your time – and therefore your life – becomes more valuable.

So, girlfriend, I believe that confidence DOES, in fact, pay the bills.

But I get it. When I was just getting started, I didn’t have this belief. And you might not either (especially if you’ve never invested or taken a chance on yourself before).
That’s precisely why I created my Stop Getting in Your Own Way Money Back Guarantee…

After reading the good news below, tell the doubting thoughts in your head to shut the hell up because there’s no more excuses!


Here's how this goes:

Many of you work with me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter because I live what I teach, and that integrity means a lot to people like you. It does to me too. That’s why this program simply must be life-changing for you. I practice these things and it works. So you must see results. If you don’t, then I – WE – aren’t changing the world and serving others, are we?

Go through the program. Do the work (watch the video, do the activity sheets, listen to the Q&A recordings, etc). Milk this program for everything you can.

If after 14-days (yes, you get to do the program and still have time to ponder this), if you’ve done the work and you don’t think I’m delivering epic value, authentic, high-level, and transformative tools, then send me an email and the assignments you completed so far (this is because I KNOW that if you do the work, you will see changes), and I’ll give you a full refund – and still love you anyway. 🙂

This is how we roll in an abundant world.

So, bella, you’ve got NOTHING to lose.

Well, except for your anxiety, your fear, your anxiety, the crap you’ve been tolerating, and a whole bunch of negative thoughts. But maybe you dig that! Some people do. This program is not for them.

Take a minute and do one thing. Imagine yourself six months from now. Are you still exactly where you are now? Or are you thriving and living a life that is creative, confident, and exquisitely YOU? The choice is yours.

Register now, and show yourself that you believe YOU – and your life – are worth investing in.

Get Started Today for only $197 (that’s a pretty sweet deal for such a kickass, 7-week program that sold for over $600!)

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All payments are processed securely on Paypal’s SSL encrypted website.