Ziji Up! Mastery Program

New Course Starting This Fall, 2014!

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Start living Creative, Courageous, Wild and Free EVERY DAY. In this program you will receive:


  • 7 video lessons to guide you on each step of the Ziji Up! System and it’s cornerstones
  • 5 group laser coaching calls
  • worksheets and activities between sessions
  • daily emails with insights and activities pertinent to the Ziji Up! step you are on
  • online (and local!) community
  • email and additional online support
  • Q&A sessions online
  • a successful SYSTEM to help you create  – and live – the life of your dreams
  • increased accountability so you are more likely to DO the things you set out to do
  • …and more!

This content-rich program is a great place to start, and is my most popular program. It allows you to be a part of a community of awesome like-minded Ziji Peeps, as well as have access to me during our live group coaching calls and online question and answer forums.

Together, over a period of 7 weeks, you and I will be covering the five steps (plus a few bonus steps!) of the Ziji Up!™ System to create transformational results in your life. You will get more clarity, less struggle, an effortless approach to manifesting your goals and dreams, clearing away the obstacles, and higher levels of energy – and living a kick-ass life, aligned with your purpose and goals!

The Ziji Up™ Mastery Program is unique in that it addresses your whole life at the mind, body, and spirit levels: career, money, significant other/romance, friends and family, health, your physical environment, fun (and wildness!), and personal growth/spirituality. The whole shebang. I’ve found that people feel disconnected and unfulfilled when the various aspects of their life are not in alignment with one another. When life change is approached in a holistic way – taking into account your whole life and not just one aspect of it (such as career or relationship) – the results are lasting and you feel more whole and fulfilled as well. Your results grow as you save yourself years of coaching, reading and workshops by participating in this program with me teaching you throughout.

I don’t hold back with my coaching, and you’ll get a great experience of that in this program. We at Ziji like to say: “You Kick Ass – it’s time to start living like it!”

You are getting all the essentials of the many years I spent studying, learning and teaching others how to create and live a wildly fulfilling life, paying MANY of my coaches over the years who were with me as I was doing this intense work myself, and personally discovering which methods are truly effective and which methods haven’t been so helpful. I should mention: it is also a great value!

As we move through the 7 weeks, we will dive into each of the steps of the Ziji Up™ System, and you’ll get assignments related to each step. Each week, you’ll participate in a Training Module which will be presented in easy-to-access video modules, taught by me. Each training will include worksheets, checklists and other creative tools to help you apply these lessons immediately to your life. Sometimes, the assignments might give you something to think about, or there might be a writing exercise to get you absolutely clear (if you’ve read my Getting Clear eBook, you know that your clarity is key to getting quick results!). You can download everything easily onto your computer.

Our group laser coaching calls will be a place for you to receive direct support from me, gain more clarity, learn from others’ questions and experiences, get some feedback about what you’ve been doing/thinking, and help you get unstuck if you happen to me in the muck. These calls will be recorded in case you can’t make them live. There is also a great community of Ziji Peeps you will have access to, with forums and other avenues for building a powerful support group. It really fires you up!

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