Ep. 121: Clarity is a Decision

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I often see people getting caught up in how we think it should look to get clear. A lot of people think it’s a knowing that arrives to us in some way, and we just passively receive it.


While it’s totally possible that it can arrive as a sudden knowing or vision, that’s not how most of us arrive there (including myself).


Most people actually arrive at clarity through taking action, being available to receive, and making decisions they commit to.


For example, in the Adventure Mastermind, there are a lot of experiences and moments created to allow for this. There’s altered state journeys, coaching sessions, adventures and retreats, action-oriented assignments, reflective activities, and more.


They seek out these experiences and get clear over time, not in a moment. They feel a knowing in their bones, at last, and then they decide it is their truth and commit to it.


For sure there are times when we feel unclear again. We can lose clarity, especially when unhelpful thinking enters our brains again and we start doubting what we already know, usually when our heads get in the way of our heart.


Some people may think that if it’s meant to be, that things will flow and be easy or natural. But here’s the deal: just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we aren’t supposed to be doing it. Life has the yin and yang, right? The flow and the challenge.


When we accept this, it will be so much easier to not be confused.


If ease were a barometer for whether we’re on the right path, we would be stopped in our tracks every time we hit a speed bump. We would always question whether we picked the right thing or made the “right” or “wrong” decision.


But what if, instead, there wasn’t a wrong decision? What if you actually get to decide? What if clarity is a decision?


Because the Universe could plop a vision right in your lap, but if you don’t decide that’s it, you’ll miss it.


So we should all remember to do the work, take action to sift through the bullshit, and then, when we feel that knowing, decide that is it and stop questioning it.


Then we can commit. We can use our time, money, and energy for that which we are meant to be here for.


In this Episode you will learn:

// How most people arrive at clarity

// What to do in moments of doubt



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