Ep. 32: How to Review Your Year

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Ever have a New Year resolution you didn’t follow-through on? You’re not alone! “Resolutions” seem to resonate less and less with how people want to enter into the New Year. After all, more resolutions are broken than kept, and that doesn’t feel like a way to enter the New Year with integrity.

With traditional resolutions, people often find themselves stuck in the same place year after year – even with having the best of intentions and setting achievable goals that seem totally doable. Goals they really, really want! Some have been wanting them for decades! 

Many of us stay stuck and don’t manifest our resolutions because there isn’t also a reflection of the dominant thoughts we’ve been having. Thoughts are the things that truly shape how we feel, what we do or don’t do, and what we create in our lives – the results we get. The reality we experience. So it’s time to make that reflection a part of our New Year review and get unstuck.

Create a new experience for the New Year.

Here we review the process I use each New Year transition called Review, Reflect + Align. It’s what we’re focusing on in Freedom School right now. All month. In this episode we will talk about the Review + Reflect components that can help you step into your inner wisdom, your true compass, your desires, and your heart-centered visions for your life with the most astute observation, integrity, wisdom, generosity and compassion that you can muster.

In this episode you’ll learn:

:: Why most resolutions fail – and how to avoid those mistakes

:: The EXACT questions I ask myself every year to make sure the next one is a success

:: How to use mindfulness while creating your resolutions

:: How to make the most of the challenges 2020 gave us

:: The difference between goals and intentions and why it matters

:: How to create a NEW kind of resolution

:: The importance of knowing what you WANT vs what you think you “should” do

:: and of course…more!


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