Ep. 39: The 4-Step Visualization Technique for Any Situation

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Last week we talked about how important it was to be able to start to embody the person you need to be in order to create the future you want – you need to already think feel and act like that person who has already achieved the things in life you want to manifest. Whether that is a future of more kindness. More freedom. Most justice for all… no matter what you want to manifest, the principles are the same.

And like you may have heard me say before: the things we talk about here don’t pick sides. It’s not like manifesting work and thought work is only effective for peace and love and funding non-profits.

Depending on what we choose to focus our energies on – our thoughts and feelings – we can also manifest negative things, things that don’t benefit the greater good or ourselves. Or we can be very selfish with what we use these things for.

So when we do work manifesting material things, I try to always remember why – what is the purpose of this? If it is because I think it will make me happy, I need to rethink this.

But if is it fun? Then YES

If it is a challenge? Then YES

Will it solve some problem so I can put my energy to more important things? YES.

And my favorite: Will creating this help me evolve?


So we need to be very intentional with what we manifest. And because compassion and integrity are big values here at Rebel Buddhist, I think we also need to be mindful of how what we manifest impacts others – the world, the earth, people in other countries, future generations, our neighbors, other sentient beings.

It’s not abundance that creates evil or corrupts. I don’t believe that for a second. I know way too many amazing philanthropists and good that has come out of abundance.

Rather, it’s how we get there, and what we do with it, yeah?

So I want to teach you a very powerful tool that I use often, and with it comes some responsibility, so I want to ask that you please use it to go out there and make this world a better place – to help you live your purpose and make the most of this one precious life, and to have a ripple effect to inspire others and help the world be a more joyful and kind place where humans get back to what they were meant to do: enjoying the precious life.

This process is called the 4-Step Mini-Visualization.

Visualization is a very valuable technique. It’s when you go through a process or experience within your mind’s eye and it helps with planning and with taking actions and performance, which is why it’s used by many entrepreneurs and athletes as well

But don’t think it’s just for what some would call “worldly goals.” As I mentioned last week, one of the first visualizations I was ever taught was with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and he taught me to visualize myself as Shakyamuni Buddha and to picture myself as already enlightened, to feel my body as Shakyamuni Buddha’s, and to see myself acting with the utmost kindness and compassion and selflessness of a Buddha.

And it definitely helped me be more kind, compassionate, and selfless.

Visualization works in many contexts because we are BEING that which we wish to be – and that – as you learned in the last episode – is one of the keys to creating what you want in life.

This particular technique is meant to be relatively quick, and I use it when I have something happening relatively soon that I want to go a certain way – like an interview, or a program launch, or a meeting, a difficult conversation.

In this episode I’ll walk you through the 4 steps in detail so you can show up in a way that you’re proud of in any scenario – whether that’s confident, compassionate, calm, excited…whatever way you need to show up to impact the world in the way that you want.

Why do we even both with visualization?

Because if you can’t even visualize it, it can’t even happen.

But if you can imagine it, now it has the possibility of happening.

You’ve been there maybe, or a perhaps you’ve had a friend who’s been there – where we try to imagine a better outcome for something we’re super upset about and we think, “Oh wow…I can’t even imagine what that would be like.”

Well, exactly, and too bad because then it aint’ going to happen!

So the creation of a new reality begins with imagining it.

This goes for your next job.

Your next orgasm.

Your next vacation

Your next relationship

Your next meeting

And it can expand to your community – how you show up as a leader, mentor, an inspiration

The world we want to create – how do we go into that meeting and convince someone we need to prioritize black lives?

Cut back on carbon emissions?

Increase the number of BIPOC hired?

Give women equal pay, create a safer work environment?

Advocate for Universal Healthcare and a liveable minimum wage?

Can you see that it is ALL connected? How the principles or manifesting are universal?

I recommend you do this visualization a few times a day working up to the event, and FOR SURE do this right before it.

And FEEL those feelings in your bones. In every cell of your body.

See it as happening. As good as DONE!

If we want a better world, rebels, we need to be able to visualize it.

We need to visualize what it would look like – and HOW we show up in its creation, what our role is.

So, what is that going to be for you, rebel?

What’s that thing you’ve got coming up or looming over your head that you want to totally rock

How do you want to show up during that? What do you want to create?

And how will you be feeling as you create it?


Sure, we’re going to need to take courageous action. Massive action, in fact, to make all that happen as well.

But when we use these tools, we are way more likely to take effective action in creating the life we want. Which means we move closer to it each time.

Topics we cover in this episode:

// what the hell visualization is in the first place

// why visualization works

// the exact steps of 4-Step Mini-Visualization Technique

// how to practice so you can show up in any situation in a way that you’re proud of

// the ethics of manifesting