Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – Why Adventure Is Essential to Your Evolution

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Today, we talk about adventure and being devoted to it.

Adventure is essential to our evolution.

When I was a child, I would get soooo bored. I was an only child in a poor neighborhood that had so much gun violence I wasn’t even allowed to play in the front of the house because of all the drive-by shootings…let alone walk to a friend’s house.

I made a promise to myself that when I grew up, I would never—ever—feel bored again.

While this promise ended up creating a full-blown addiction to adventure, what I didn’t expect was that adventure also helped me along my spiritual path in surprising ways.

Adventure is a very personal word, and my definition of adventure doesn’t have to be yours

You can feel adventure when climbing a mountain; you can feel it overcoming a physical challenge like a marathon, or experiencing an illness like cancer; you can feel it when you risk your heart to be with your soul mate. I even feel adventure when I go to a new city, check out a new restaurant, try a new yoga pose, or learn a new skill. Or, more recently, move to a new state.

Good ol’ Merriam Webster defines adventure as:

1: an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
2: an exciting or remarkable experience

Adventure often involves risk – but not necessarily danger. It can be very self-limiting to confuse the two.

The main take-home is that adventure includes an element of something out of the ordinary.

Definitely not routine.

Definitely not boring.

So why exactly is adventure – and the risks we take with adventures – important to our evolution?

When things get too familiar or routine, our minds grow dull, and the negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that we all have are harder to break.

Things feel more permanent and real. We think we have “proof” that they are permanent and real because nothing seems to be changing.

But this isn’t true.

They only appear to not be changing because to be efficient, our brains prefer to travel down the same neural pathways and do things the same way they’ve always been done.

Therefore, we do the same thing, and we get the same results.

Nothing changes.

Then we say, “See! That’s how things really are!”

When we think things are static, that’s when we think we don’t have a choice. That’s when we suffer and get stuck. That’s when we give up.

It becomes the Same. Old. Sh*t. Every day.

Adventure helps us get unstuck. And it is essential to your evolution.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

// What being DEVOTED to adventure looks like
// How adventure changes our brain
// How to live an adventurous life on your own terms
// Things you can do to bring adventure into your life every day


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