Ep. 7: Know Your Values – The Rebel Buddhist Manifesto

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Ever have moments where this realization just hits you like a runaway train? “Oh shit, I am not living in alignment with my values right now. How did I end up here?”

Yeah. I hear you. I’ve been there. And it can be a pretty stop-you-in-your-tracks, flip-your-world-upside-down kinda moment. Because then the second realization comes: “I’m so fucking unhappy. It’s gonna take so much work to change this.” Then maybe: “I’m not sure I’m up to the task.”

If this is you, I’ve got you! I’m with you! And I have some things to share with you that I think really might help you on this journey.

This episode is all about an UH-MAZING little document – called the Rebel Buddhist™ Manifesto – that I created years back as a manifesto for Freedom Junkies and has evolved into its current iteration for all you rebel buddhas out there.

I dig into each of its 15 tenets and share some personal experiences that crystallize how I came to be clear about the values of my life, my business and this podcast.

I hope that by sharing this with you, it will inspire you to get really clear about yours too, because here’s the thing: when you get clear about your values, it’s a whole lot easier to be happy.

When we are happy, it’s often because our external life is in alignment with our internal values.

When we are unhappy – anxious, unsettled…it’s because we sense our life is not in alignment with our values.

And that’s exactly what this manifesto is for – helping you get back in alignment with who you truly are. Each part serves as an offering of guidance on everything from learning to study our minds and practice FIERCE self-compassion, to cultivating radiant inner confidence and healthy boundaries from a kind place, to accepting the responsibility of our power to move society towards social justice and anti-racism.

If you can listen and sit with these offerings – pay attention to your opinion on each one, reflect on what it brings up inside you – you’ll be one step closer to flipping your world right-side up again.

So, I invite you to start today.

To constantly seek out new experiences – both internal ones and external ones. Big ones and small ones.

It’s not just about adrenaline sports (something that became a big outlet in my own life) or seeking freedom willy-nilly without strong intention and drive.

It’s about making new friends, trying new foods, talking about hard topics like racism and white supremacy to people that might think differently than you, exploring countries where you don’t speak the language, or where you are the minority, starting a business, writing an op-ed…or that BOOK.

I don’t know about you, but I am not pretending that I have forever. I am not pretending that mending a relationship can wait until later. I am not hoping that I am the one exception to this eternal rule – that we are here for way less than we want to be, no matter how long.

I’m damn proud of this manifesto, and I hope you are proud of being a part of this community too. Here’s to you discovering your power and living your truth.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

Why the root of all true courage and confidence is being willing to feel ANY feeling

How to speak your truth with strength and kindness – and why that’s more nuanced than just being straight up honest or delivering the cold hard truth all the time

How to learn from your mistakes, look for solutions and move forward when life rips you a new one

Why we must release ourselves from victimhood and choose to take back our power so we can share our gifts with the world and help make it a better place for everyone

How adventure helped me mature the grit I had developed throughout my fraught childhood – and pushed me to actively create the life of my dreams

Why adventure is essential to your evolution, too

How to recognize the impermanence of life and use your time on this one wild and precious ride to the fullest – in a nutshell, how to Wake. The. Fuck. Up. and let go of what’s not serving you


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