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Have You Done This Yet?

Hey there. I’m thinking we could all do with feeling a little better today, so I want you to try something with me real quick that’ll shift things for you.

Does Self-Compassion Make You a Wuss?

Maybe you’ve heard of self-compassion. If you’re like me, you may have wondered – out loud: “Does self-compassion make you a wuss?” I used to think so. The first time

Why Do-Overs Are the Best

Regrets are brutal, right? They are energy vampires. Happiness slayers. Joy slammers. The thing is – we wake up every day with the potential to start over! That cliché about

Would you have done this? One of my über-uncomfortable (but proud) moments

I want to tell you about a time I made a lot of powerful, wealthy people very uncomfortable. I was at a dinner – a very fancy dinner. My boyfriend at the time had

I vowed I’d never be bored…and then this happened

Did you know I was an only child? I was. And a f*cking bored one. I grew up in a ghetto where I wasn’t allowed to play outside because there

One of My Fave Poems for Hard Times

I wanted to share this poem, since it’s one of my faves of all time – especially when sh*t gets hard: The Guest House This being human is a guest

When the Going Gets Weird

How gozit? Are you hanging in there…or even thriving? I joke about how with my introverted nature I am basking in all this time that I have to just be

The Key to NOT Losing Your SH*T in a Crisis

So, here’s the thing. I’ve ridden with rebels in the Congo with machine guns pointed at our heads (on bumpy roads to boot). I’ve worked handling critical traumas in refugee camps. I’ve

Why I Stopped Overdrinking

Hey there! In 2020 I decided that I wasn’t going to drink alcohol…except for my June retreat in Positano (hey…it’s all about balance;). There were a few reasons for this,