Days 106 to 109 – The Culture of Nasty

Yowza! What a full-on past few days! I had an awesome Jedi Juice training call on The Power of Choice (and the Freedom of Owning Your Shit!) with supah cool peeps, received my badass Co-Active Coaching Certification (yeah…not required but I’m a geek that way), launched the newest version of my Ziji Up Mastery Program that starts June 17th to my Jedi Juice Peeps (no worries – the early bird launch goes public next week!), and I am flying to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina as I write this in the Chicago United lounge. I’m going to spend a few days with my business coach, Christine Kane. She is always so cool to hang with. I can’t wait to get there and have a glass of wine at my fave French bistro…

In the meantime, holy crappers I couldn’t believe some of the rudeness that I saw on the plane today. A woman’s baby was crying and she was doing her best to try to calm her down, and someone says, “Hey ma’am, can’t you just give your kid a pacifier or something?” and people kept staring over their shoulders at her and sighing and giving her dirty looks like sitting there was SO MUCH HARDER than having to actually deal with your baby.

Here I am in Asheville heading out for a hike before my biz conference begins tomorrow. It’s gorgeous here!

LIKE THAT HELPS, people! And like she didn’t already think of a pacifier, douchebag! That’s almost as bad as a guy I saw ask a lady to give her one year old gum to chew on. Yeah. That would work. Because it would block her airway when she choked on it and then we could have an emergency landing. I guess she’d stop crying…WTF?

Then, everyone had the shades down as the movie was on. We got served drinks, and shortly after, everyone had to simul-pee. The seatbelt light goes off and then there’s a huge line of people. This older man starts tripping out, disoriented, thinking the plane has landed. He tries to get his bags. His wife is frantically trying to tell him he CAN’T get off the plane and people are staring and telling him to sit down and chill out all aggressive-like. So he starts freaking out, shaking and yelling. The wife starts to calm him down and its working. I can sense this because they are across the aisle from me.

Then the flight attendants come and say to his wife – in front of him – that if he doesn’t chill out they’ll have to HANDCUFF him. So he starts freaking out again! The wife is crying, saying how he used to be a professor and was so smart, and begging people to please be patient because his mind isn’t working right. That they have a grandson in Chicago and this is a big trip for him. How she just needs a few more minutes, then she can calm him down. And people are still pissed! He’s not even hitting anyone or swearing. At this point, he’s not even yelling.

I ask people (yes, nicely) to please open their shades (movie was over) so that he can see we are in a plane flying in the air. People are annoyed, but comply. His wife points out the window and he sees clouds. He has this look that’s like, “Ohhh! Ya mean we’re 30,000 freakin’ feet in the air! Why didn’t ya say so!” He starts calming down, and eventually they take their seats across from me. And people keep staring over their shoulders. Like that’s the thing a demented person needs – people staring at them confirming their paranoid thoughts. I grew up with a schizo-affective father (that means he had both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) so I am a little more sensitive to these things;)

I mean for realz, where has our society gone? Do we all think WE aren’t going to get sick, get old, or get a little (or a lot) loopy; or do we really believe that WE never cried and pissed other people off when we were kids…I mean, it appears people have forgotten what it means to live in a society with babies, and old people, and people with mental illnesses, and crazy wild women like myself. I like to do yoga by the bathrooms – so what! I’m not bugging anyone, and I won’t be the one getting a blood clot either. So there.

I am so pissed at the disrespect I saw! (Can you tell?!).

Guess what. We are humans – even YOU! And we have to do this thing while on this planet called living in a body. And shit goes wrong with that body. When you’re tiny, your eustachian tubes get squeezed shut as air pressure changes and it feels like you’ve got a knife stabbing into your brain. You’d cry too. And probably whine while you’re at it.

When you get old, no matter how much fish oil you take or how much you exercise, or how much you meditate on white light and eat organic food, you too could get really sick – physically and/or mentally. And you will hope people are patient with you – and the family that is taking care of you.

So be nice, will ya? Don’t stare. Smile. Try to help. We’re all doing our best out here.

Since when did we have to be perfect to be public? As my friend, Lani Harmon, said, “It’s a culture of nasty.”

No thank you! Let’s gather our tribe and be über nice today to make up for the nasties, okay?


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