Freedom Starts Here – The Freedom Junkie™ Jump Start Package

Ana Neff - Transformational Coach, Guide, and MentorYou Know You’re a Freedom Junkie if you want to:

  • Take back control of your time, money, and energy and finally have the freedom you’ve been craving
  • Wake up excited for each day
  • Live with purpose, knowing what you are meant to do in your life and doing it with passion
  • Tap into THE FLOW more often
  • Sustain your energy, and bounce back faster when life’s waves knock you down every now and then
  • Connect more fully and authentically with the people in your life
  • Have fewer regrets, knowing that you’re making the most of each day, each connection, and each of your gifts and your potential


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If you are one of those {passionate} badasses that craves a life of freedom, adventure, and purpose, hang out here for a bit (or more), because you have found your tribe, and I am so glad your’re here!

I’m Ana Neff, Founder and Creator of this über-special corner of the web you’ve found called Freedom Junkie. Join me and other peeps like you and learn to Free Your Mind and Free Your Life™.

How do we do that? I help you learn skills (aka Jedi Mind Tricks) to help you get out of your own way – which is the only thing in the way between life as you know it, and a life of freedom. By reading our posts and participating in our tribe, as well as getting in on the free Jedi Juice calls, you can learn how to permanently alter your limiting mindsets and beliefs, and cultivate radiant inner confidence (aka Ziji). And let me tell you: it is absolutely scrumptious to experience.

One of the first steps to living a life of freedom is getting clear about what you want. Without clarity, your time, money, and energy are wasted as you work towards things that don’t really serve your ultimate goals, dreams, and visions. So while you’re here, get started now, and begin creating – and LIVING – Life On YOUR Terms. Receive my FREE Getting Clear eBook by signing up over there ->