Days 101 to 105 The Good Fear – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Well dog my cats! I went pack rafting today and didn’t shit my pants! I have this thing with drowning…and the way I tend to address my fears is dive straight into them. Inevitably they seem far less freaky than what my mind was making up. Buuuuut with whitewater kayaking or pack rafting, it feels a little harder to embrace being dumped into a rapid, upside down. It’s that “airway” thing, I guess.

The depths of the ocean freaked me out, so I learned to scuba dive. It was much prettier and mellow down there than the dark muddied world of ugly gray breasts that I’d made up whenever a strand of seaweed would brush against my leg at the beaches in Santa Cruz.

Heights made me dizzy so I learned to climb, and discovered that getting over that fear for the kick ass views was well worth it.

Here I am after packrafting Clear Creek, where it runs into the Klamath River

I was afraid to have my heart hurt again, so I flung it wide open for my soul mate, who is – as I write this on my iPhone on the banks of Clear Creek – on my mountainbike riding uphill 8 miles to go get the car, which we left at the put-in upriver. We’re uber happy, to say the least;)

In any event, until recently, I allowed myself to be afraid of whitewater, because I figured it’s ok to be afraid of <em>something,</em> right? But then whenever my friends did it, I felt like I was missing out. They’d come back all tan and happy, and with this cool shared experience. And deep down, I knew I could do it. And deep down, I wish I was better at it. So, I did it:)

Hey! There is it again! That fear I’ve written about a few times: FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.

Well thank God for FOMO. Without it, I might be better rested and comfortable, but because of it, I keep having amazing new experiences, meeting absolutely amazing people, playing in the wilderness, getting stronger in body, mind, and spirit…and heart. And I feel ALIVE!

Of course, you don’t have to be on whitewater or a mountain to feel alive. We all have our own thing for that.

What is yours? What helps you feel alive?

And what are you fearing you might be missing out on? What could you do to drop into it and have a cool experience?

Does it require you to call a friend, or go on a date by yourself and check out that new wine bar and hit up that long yet awesome movie you’ve been wanting to see? Does it mean you need to stop protecting your heart so much that you don’t take anymore risks?

FOMO is a good fear – at least for me. The fear of missing out often overpowers the fear of whatever it is before me. And I grow as a result. I mean, I’m with my freakin’ soulmate!!!

It keeps me on my toes, taking inner and outer risks, and opening to the opportunities that the Universe present before me.

This planet is so utterly, epically, über amazing. Being human is such a precious gift. Our spirits and hearts are so much more resilient and magnificent than we can ever imagine them to be.

So, what’s your FOMO? Please do share below! I’d love to hear from you.


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Days 35 to 39 – Full-On Busy!

20120311-182528.jpgThese past few days have been a whirlwind! Hence no posts in four days;) In any event, this week was filled with crazy logistics and crazy fun. I had to further purge my house since it is in the market now (Yeeeehaw!) and there has been an incredible release as I de-clutter and let go.

I went through The Box again (see previous post on this) and got rid of even more stuff. Ah…sweet love letters are hard to chuck, but oh well.

I packed up dozens of books that I thought I’d read over the next few months but deep down I knew I wouldn’t. Then I found a picture of my dad who died in 2008, and it was from when he was 22. It was torn because I hadn’t stored it well, and I cried thinking of him and how stupid I was to be so careless with his photo.

I went pack rafting for the first time ever and it was super scary at first but I ended up laughing and yahooing the whole time. It was incredible! Epic! Gorgeous! And I wore a tabletop outside for the first time since autumn. And we got pulled over for having 4 people and 4 boats and a packraft in a minivan, but we got let off. If like to think it was primarily because we were funny and charming but Nick, nearly 60, swears its because he was old enough to be our dads and the cop, seeing him crouched in the back wedged between the boats, figured we couldn’t be doing anything that bad if he was with us. That’ll work.

Then I had a freak out that I was going through all these major changes and I felt distant from my man. So I told him I needed him to be more sweet to me and he stepped up, also pointing out he’s been home only two hours each day due to all the work he’s had, and that’s probably why I was feeling the way I was…not cuz he wasn’t being sweet. Alright. True dat.

And I worked on my awesome Ziji Up! Mastery Program that will be starting in a couple of weeks and got über excited as I dove into all the fantastic material we were going to cover.

Now I’m going to hike w my man for a bit because he leaves for Alaska tomorrow…and I get to meet him there in three days! Psyched!

So, that’s why I haven’t posted in awhile. I guess that’s a good sign that I’m living Full On;)

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