Urban Wellness Club – enrollment opens in November for 2019!

Next Enrollment Opens Fall 2019!

What’s all the fuss about?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been frustrated at knowing that you need to make certain changes to achieve your ultimate level of wellness, but it can seem overwhelming to put it all into action.


  • You know what you could be eating to be more healthfully.
  • You know you should be moving your body more
  • You know you need to stop your toxic thinking and get out of your own way
  • You know your body can heal itself if you just gave it what it needed to do it’s job
  • You know you are destined to feel energetic, confident, and freakin’ inspiring to others.
  • Yet all that is pretty hard to do when you are busy…or easily distracted…or too tired…or too much of any of the myriad reasons we have for putting off the important things in our lives.

You don’t need the Urban Wellness Club because you are clueless or because you are lazy.

You need it because you are a mindful, health-conscious woman who has a life you’d rather not spend wasting on researching the internet for the right answers.

You need what every successful wellness warrior has:

  • a sisterhood of support and community
  • simple tips you can implement right away, and help weed through all the overwhelming information
  • ongoing inspiration to keep you motivated and excited about your wellness and lifestyle (boredom is such a buzzkill…)
  • a Holistic Coach for reliable info, inspiring updates, and no-B.S. accountability
  • and some badass science to help you trust in your decisions

It’s these things that will help you take the steps necessary to catapult your health and wellness to the next level, and to introduce you to new and exciting topics to keep you motivated and stimulated to continue on with your wellness path!

That’s where the Urban Wellness Club comes in.

…But hey, you’re going to have to hang in there a bit…

Stay tuned while we update the program for 2019 – it’s gonna be fan-freakin’-tastic!