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Welcome to Day 2!


This activity will lay the foundation for you to get clear about what you want, and to begin taking the additional steps towards creating your life of freedom, so take the time to do this mindfully and in detail. This is where you visualize how you want your life to be, who you want to be in this life, and how you want to feel.

Many of us have never taken the time to imagine this fully, so it makes sense that we are often confused when we get things we thought we wanted and yet we still aren’t content! We can often get caught up in the “things” we want to be happy and fulfilled.

However, we often skip over the part about how we want to feel, and it is this part that will really help clarify what it is we truly want.

This step allows you to address the things you want to have, the things you want to do, as well as how you want to feel.

Take a look at the three categories below:

  1. Who you want to be: This is about how you want to be in the world, how you want to feel, the type of person you want to be as you move through your days. It highlights your most positive traits and what kind of mother, partner, or colleague you are. Use “I am” statements. For example, “I wake up energized and confident. At work, others trust my opinion and I feel valued. I am an inspiration” “I am a patient and loving mother, a loyal and supportive partner.” “I laugh because of all the joy I feel when I am with my friends.”
  2. What you want to do: This includes things like traveling, learning to belly dance, dancing in your kitchen more, and learning a new skill, as well as buying a house, having kids, new projects to complete, and more. Name it all! Remember to write about how you feel when you are doing these things.
  3. What you want to have: These can be things like those super sweet leather boots you always wanted, more free time, your own business, a horse, or a surfboard. Go ahead and let yourself be “greedy!” We deserve rewards for the life energy we put out to the world. Awareness of these desires can help guide us in the right direction as we make choices towards our lives of freedom and cultivating ziji. More importantly, tag on how having each of those things will help you feel.
  4. Write about your ideal life under each category. Feel free to write free-form, use bullet-points, lists, or in whatever way allows your thoughts to flow. Be sure to be as detailed as possible, particularly focusing on how you want to FEEL for each area.

Remember to try and include aspects of career, family life, relationship, friendships, financial situation, health, physical environment, and spirituality in each category. You can write in more detail in a separate space.

Who you want to BE:
What you want to DO:
What you want to HAVE:

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