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Welcome to the Rebel Buddhist™ Podcast, where I help you free your mind so you can free your life. This podcast is for the rebellious ones. The wild people. I share my stories and what I’ve learned about being a rebel soul who wants to tame her mind…but not her life. It’s led to plenty of adventures and misadventures. I’ve learned tons of tools that combine Buddhist psychology, real-world mindfulness, cognitive coaching, and modern brain science – sort of like if Buddhism and science had a love child. I want to share them with you as we walk this path together. I’m not sharing this as a dharma teacher, but as a fellow practitioner with some street cred. Welcome to my world.

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Ep. 92: Be the Change

This episode is all about being a leader in this world and our own lives every day. It’s about entering the room and turning the vibe into what you see would be the most skillful at the time – instead of automatically letting that vibe affect and change you, which is more reactionary. Sort of like the difference between a thermostat – which regulates the environment – vs a thermometer, which reacts to the environment.

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Ep. 91: Why We Hurry Towards Our Goals

This week is about why we hurry. Not the kind of hurrying when we are trying to make it on time to a party or a meeting, but when we hurry towards our goals. Why we rush. Why we feel pressured to achieve our goal – like yesterday.

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Ep. 90: The Antidote to Doubt

Doubt it a totally normal experience. It’s comes with the territory when you’re a human born with a brain. It functions to try and keep us safe…to assess potential danger and protect us. However, it keeps us from experiencing true inner – and outer – freedom.

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Ep. 88: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

I was reflecting a lot on my life when I grew up in the ‘hood with so little, and when I lived out of my car for 7 years as a climbing guide and how my life was so simple and I made hardly anything and bought hardly anything and I was so so so content.

And while I was content, I admit that while I had confidence in many areas – guiding and my dreams and purpose and my power as a wild woman living in the mountains…I had a lot of doubt if I had what it took to create a different kind of abundance.

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Ep. 87: The Problem With Being Right

If you haven’t realized, I have a bit of a stubborn streak. I like to be right. It’s a thing I do. Once, when I was arguing with someone because I knew I was right and I just couldn’t let it go, he said, “I can tell you really like to be right.” It was just an observation – not a judgment. He even said it kind of nicely. “You really like to be right.”

And I was like, “YES, I like to be right? Why would I not? Do you go around letting people think things that are wrong?” And he looked at me like, yeah, that’s an option.

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