Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – Define Your Freedom

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This week’s podcast is a SPECIAL REPLAY  of Episode 21: Define Your Freedom. Why? Because these days, not only does this topic seem to pop up more than before, but it’s also more important than ever for us all to get clear on what that is!

For me, these past couple days gave me an excellent moment to slow down, take care of myself, and practice some serious self-love… and some birthday celebration time with my sweet daughter.

My own definitions of freedom were key to this real-life practice, so I wanted to re-share this popular and super relevant podcast with you again, so you can do the same!


What is true success? What is a truly “rich life”? What is a life of true FREEDOM?

We all may have our own preconceived notions of what the answers to these questions look like – notions that are subliminally based on societal norms, familial or cultural expectations and the systems of power that order our world…

Today, we’re digging into what “living a life of freedom” means to you – and how to move from just imagining this, to making it happen in the here and now.

For me and for many of my clients, ‘freedom’ is also about being able to choose the lifestyle you want.

What does that look like for you?

Is a life of freedom:

:: Being able to get up at 8am and have two hours to go for a hike or a run on the beach…and then a yoga class?

:: Always waking up with the sun, not when someone else thinks you should set your alarm?

:: Traveling for four weeks at a time?

:: Not wasting three hours fare-shopping when trying to save $50 on a flight?

It may be all or none of these. 

Truth is, freedom doesn’t always mean being a dirtbag (in my case, climbing guide) or a millionaire.

And it’s important to acknowledge that it’s a huge privilege to be able to think about what “our path” even is. To have the mental space to think about what we “want” to do in life. To not just be focused on survival, safety, and putting the minimum amount of food on the table.

I understand from personal experience that it’s not possible for everyone to be this selective.

But I also know that most people assume it isn’t an option for them to be picky when – and I’m living proof – it actually is. 

Here’s the thing: not everyone prioritizes freedom, per se. If this is you, no problem! All the principles and tools in this episode are still applicable. 

Instead of “What would a life of freedom look like for me?” ask yourself, “What would a RICH life look like for me?”

:: Would you only work while your kids were in school?

:: Would you earn enough to give freely to organizations you care about? Or only work for organizations aligned with your big values?

:: Would you travel the world and learn about other cultures?

This is all up to you. There is no right or wrong way to design a life of freedom.

But first you need to decide. And then you need to start creating it. 

Because rebels, we never know when our last breath will be – and that means the time is now. 

I want you to die knowing you lived this life fully. I have my own definition of freedom. I challenge you to cultivate yours.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

// How to figure out what ‘freedom’ means to you – and how to design a truly rich life, right now
// What the many different levels of freedom can look like – and how to choose where you want to be
// Why my parents realized that giving me options – the freedom of choice – was the best gift they could have ever given me
// How my time as a climbing guide helped me understand why there is “a leisure class at both ends of the social spectrum” – and how to make the most of the time you have
// Why learning to define your freedom is 100% crucial to creating the life you want and deserve


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