Ep. 68: Integrity – Living Your Truth

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I’m no stranger to anxiety. In fact, I’ve dealt with it most of my life. And I’m certainly not alone in this… some people just have a genetic predisposition towards a more sensitive nervous system, which puts us on high alert more than others. But then add to that my own traumatic life experiences and sometimes it’s like anxiety launches off in a rocket ship.


Over time, I’ve learned to manage the physiological aspects of anxiety with better sleep/nutrition and consistent exercise and meditation. But now I have found that when those moments of anxiety arise, I don’t wonder if I’m overreacting anymore. Instead, I ask myself, “What is the anxiety telling me about what’s going on right now?”


Now, I use that anxiety to gauge if I’m living in integrity and alignment with my values. Because what I have noticed is that when my inner life is off balance, my outer life is definitely affected.


For me, when I’m not in alignment with my truth and my values, I feel hollow inside. I feel that sinking feeling and my heart feels restless. I can’t sleep as well, I am quick to lash out or exaggerate truth, and my body tenses up.


So is something wrong? Yeah! But it may not be external. It may be that I’m not embodying my truth.


So what is that truth for us? Often we think it’s some special calling for our life, but maybe that truth and our purpose is really just taking something that you value – something that is critical to your life – and bringing it forth. And if we aren’t living that purpose, then we begin to suffer… we lose our integrity.


This is very real. Research has shown that when we live in integrity, we are better at maintaining good health. Studies have linked deception to physiological stress response, like increased cortisol, high blood pressure, and a decreased immune response. And the more significant the deceptive behavior, the worse the effects are.


This means that a big part of living in truth and integrity is being honest. Not just with others, but with ourselves.


Today I want to challenge you to show up as your true self without lying. You can start small, like saying no to a cookie or a treat when you know the sugar isn’t needed (because we’ve all said yes just to “be polite”). You can stop undermining how much something costs so you don’t have to make others feel strange about how much money you spent.


Doing these things will make you uncomfortable. Because living in integrity is a rebellious act. Being honest is counterculture because we are taught to do what is needed to make others comfortable. But living YOUR truth will shake sh*t up!


Something important to note here is we have to live our truth with wisdom and compassion. Because for many people (especially those that society has unjustly deemed “less than”), truth can lead to aggression, violence, and persecution. So remember to be safe and smart.


At the same time, when those fears of isolation or persecution rise up, take an honest look at them. Sometimes our fears are bigger in our minds than what would happen in reality.


Remember at the root of this is that we are talking about your truth. What others value is always second to what you value. YOU determine your truth. YOU determine how to act on it.


Continuing to live and speak your truth does get easier over time. And you will begin to reap the fruits of the work with a freer, lighter life. Like they say, “The truth will set you free.”


In this episode, you will learn:

// How living out of alignment affects you physically and spiritually
// How to know if something is your truth or not (it can be hard to tell!)
// When speaking your truth might not be OK
// Pitfalls to avoid when living in integrity
// 4 strategies to align your outer and inner life



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