Ep. 37: How to Disagree Like a Buddha

The other day someone had posted a comment on a FB post I made and she said, “Please unfriend me. We obviously have different beliefs.”

And this really stood out to me because I thought it was so…immature to not want to see differing opinions.

But it’s quite pervasive these days, right?

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Ep. 36: How to Let People Be Wrong About You

I have a special treat for you today – after the last few episodes, I have received a LOT of comments and questions about how to not care what other people think about you.

Another way I think of this is how to let people be wrong about you.

And did you know that my podcast episide on exactly this topic was the MOST popular one of 2020? It’s true!

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Ep. 35: True Freedom

We’ve heard stories of people that have taken prison sentences and transformed them into opportunities of spiritual development, or those who have taken extremely challenging life circumstances like tragic deaths and came out the other end, and people who don’t have the financial freedom to travel or not worry about paying the bills, but who feel joyous and free on the inside.

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Ep. 34: How to Forgive

You know we’re all about Freedom here at the Rebel Buddhist – inside and out.

One of the things I’ve found that we can do to give us the most emotional freedom in the next year is to partake in the courageous act letting go of things that no longer serve us, and one of the most radical acts we can do to let go, one of the things we can do for ourselves that can truly help us feel more light and free…is forgiving.

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Ep. 33: Living in Alignment

In last week’s episode I mentioned that I call the process of reflecting on the past year and creating intentions for the new one REVIEW, REFLECT + ALIGN.

Today we dive into the alignment part, because when we are in alignment, if feels damn good.

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Ep. 32: How to Review Your Year

Ever have a New Year resolution you didn’t follow-through on? You’re not alone! “Resolutions” seem to resonate less and less with how people want to enter into the New Year. After all, more resolutions are broken than kept, and that doesn’t feel like a way to enter the New Year with integrity.

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Ep. 31: Why We Need to Adventure

Today, we talk about adventure and being devoted to it.

Adventure is essential to our evolution.

When I was a child, I would get soooo bored. I was an only child in a poor neighborhood that had so much gun violence I wasn’t even allowed to play in the front of the house because of all the drive by shootings…let alone walk to a friend’s house.

I made a promise to myself that when I grew up, I would never—ever—feel bored again.

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Ep. 30: How You See Yourself

Self-image, at its core, is the way you see yourself. By “see” I mean how you interpret and think about yourself – not just the factual way you see yourself but also the opinion that you have of yourself.

An important concept to understand is that self-image is totally subjective. It is totally up to YOU. Your opinion about yourself. It isn’t factual.

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Ep. 29: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This episode is all about the most common ways I see people misuse thought work and mindfulness.

When I coach people on how to self-coach, I get so many clients who are confused about the difference between a) changing your life, b) changing your feelings about your life, c) truly processing your emotions from those original circumstances, even if you’ve already changed them.

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Ep. 28: Practical Emptiness

Circumstances are neutral.

Another way of saying this? Things are empty of inherent qualities.

Today, we’re digging into what a practical application of emptiness looks like in our everyday lives.

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