Ep. 149: Using Your Dreams for Soul Work

This episode is all about how to use your dreams for Soulwork. We’ll talk about dreamwork in general, and how we can use our dreams to help us on our spiritual path as well. Plus I’ll give you some tips and questions to help you get started in your dreamwork TONIGHT.

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Ep. 146: The Difference Between Trauma and Suffering

Today we talk about suffering and trauma – what each one is, and how they differ. We’ll also dive into the 4 aspects of trauma that you won’t find in other types of suffering and discuss how we can be a little more patient and compassionate with ourselves – and others – in moments of pain.

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Ep. 145: Your Wild Mind – The West and Our Shadows

This week we’re talking about another facet of our Wild Mind: the West and our Shadows. You’ll learn:

// How the mystery and sweet darkness of the West facet can add richness to our lives

// How, and why, modern industrialized society actively represses the qualities of the West facet, like our capacity for imagination

// Our Shadows, why they develop, and how they keep us from growth and sharing our gifts with others

// The dangers of Shadow work

// How can we identify our Shadows (when by definition we’re unconscious of them) and get curious about their hidden gifts

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Ep. 144: Your Wild Mind – The East and Our Need to Escape

This week we’re continuing our Wild Mind series by talking about the facets of the Eastern Self and how we can embody each piece in true integrity and wholeness. Plus we’ll talk about what happens when we are out of balance and begin to buffer and escape… and how we can fix those habits and trade them for healing ones.

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Ep. 143: Your Wild Mind – The South + Wounded Children

In this episode, we’re continuing our Wild Mind series and diving into the sensuous, embodied, and emotive energy of the South. I explore how the South helps us tap into our authentic, wild, animal knowing of who we are and why we are here, and the deep knowing of our belonging on this planet. I also introduce the subpersonalities of the South – our Wounded Children, which often have us in a place of emotional reactivity, fear of being abandoned, and disconnected from our authentic self. I’ll also give you some practical ways we can integrate the qualities of the South through simple practices and reflections.

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Ep. 141: Greatest Hits Vol. 10 – The Gift of Paradox

This week’s episode is all about the gift of paradox and the problems that can arise with black-and-white thinking. We’ll chat about how living in polarity IS living in wholeness and integrity, plus I’ll give you one practice to explore how we can embrace all parts of us.

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Ep. 140: So What?

In this episode, we talk about the super helpful self-coaching question, “So what?” and how we can use it to see how our mind works and free ourselves from unnecessary suffering, rewriting our stories to ones that better serve us.

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