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Welcome to Day 7!

The Double Dare Club for Adults

The Double Dare Club is a fun workshop I offer a few times a year. You can read the story behind it’s creation in the eBook (Hint: I’ve been at it since I was 7 years old!). Since I don’t want you to have to wait for it, I’ve listed a few of the dares we partake in below.

I know this is the last day of the course, so you are welcome to pick just one of them and dive into it today. However, I think it would be particularly awesome to pick one dare a day for at least the next 3 days – and commit to doing it full-out. Double dare ya!

You will see that no matter how silly the dare, a little bit of courage and confidence will start blossoming in you. And just so you know, I love hearing the stories about people doing their dares, so definitely shoot me an email with your story. I read every single one – promise!

Remember: it’s not the outcome that I want you to focus on. It’s the fact that you simply took action.

Whether you ended up experiencing what you expected or not doesn’t matter here. It’s taking the risk and expanding your comfort zone; doing it scared; feeling uncomfortable and doing it anyway that counts.

So go on – pick one of the dares below for today, and GO FOR IT! And if you’re so inspired, keep going every day. You can even create your own!

I Double Dare You To…

:: Take a sexy selfie. Not with the intention to give to someone, but with the intention to see your beauty in a different way. Play with the angle and the lighting. It might even just be of your face. If you’re feeling really courageous, DO give it to someone that will make you blush;)

:: Give a stranger a compliment. It takes courage to start conversations with people we don’t know. If it’s someone who works somewhere, tell their manager!

:: Look in the mirror and say, “I completely and profoundly love and accept you.” You would be surprised at how much courage saying that out loud, especially more than once, can take for many people. Some clients have told me they cried when they looked themselves in the eyes of their reflection and said it for the first time.

:: Accept a compliment and say, “Thank you, it’s true!” or “Thanks! I know!” My friend Andrea Owen told me a story of when she was working out a bunch and a woman at the gym said, “Your ass looks amazing!” She was shocked at her own reply: “I know, doesn’t it?!” She almost wanted to apologize for saying it…but knew it was true. Oh, SNAP!

:: Go on a date with yourself. Take yourself out to dinner, the movies, the coastline, the museum, the festival. Order a delicious meal or a fancy drink and smile, enjoying every sip and bite. Hold your head up high and let everyone know you are sooooo enjoying this time to yourself. If the idea of this petrifies you, bring a book or magazine, and have a sheepish grin on your face while you turn the pages, as if you’re getting a visual massage and guilty pleasure from the experience.

Check out the Activity Book for more Double Dares to choose from…there’s lots!

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